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Brief Introduction

Finnish Amiga Users Group (officially Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.) is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Finnish Amiga computer users by preserving and advancing the Amiga hobby and knowledge of the Amiga computing platform in Finland. The group aims to reach its goals through volunteer efforts such as maintaining a website and discussion forums and organizing events.

Since 1993 the Finnish Amiga Users Group has released fifty issues of the Saku magazine and held a multitude of public gatherings, some of which have been visited by hundreds of people. Other accomplishments - past and present - include the website, discussion forums, Facebook page, YouTube channel, group orders of Amiga software and hardware, and Sakunet, a national Fidonet style network of Amiga related bulletin board systems back in the days before the Internet was a big hit.

The group is interested in preserving and advancing the legacy of Amiga computing by promoting public awareness of the computing platform and all things related to it, and by archiving historical information about Amiga computing especially in Finland. One result of this effort is the Saku-DVD, which features over twenty years of Finnish Amiga history.

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