Finnish Amiga Users Group's Amiga 4000 donation to Igor Majstorovic

		OULU, FINLAND - October 27th, 2014 - Finnish Amiga Users Group recently
		received offers for two separate Amiga 4000 computer donations, for giving
		onwards to worthy Amiga causes. We are very grateful for these generous
		offers and have coordinated them to the best of our abilities. The
		machines and donations themselves have been handled by private people.
We are now happy to announce that the first one of the Amiga 4000 donations is on its way to the recipient, Igor "Majsta" Majstorovic in Bosnia. Igor has worked tirelessly and selflessly on Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) accelerator cards to bring a modern solution to speeding up our old Amigas, and we hope this donation we facilitated helps him in that work. The donation also includes Amiga 4000 accelerator board connectors*, plentiful accessories and some Amiga mementos as well.
That first Amiga 4000 came from a private person. The second Amiga 4000 donation the Finnish Amiga Users Group is facilitating came from Jotaarkka Pennanen, one of the first ten Amiga 1000 owners in Finland, and a famous theatre director and writer. Jotaarkka recently visited the Saku 2014 event in Tampere, Finland - together with such Amiga luminaries as Petro Tyschtschenko and Michael Battilana - and spoke of his old Amiga computers and using them professionally in theatre work.
You can hear and see Jotaarkka yourself in this English subtitled video speech from Saku 2014. The video also shows Jotaarkka's Amiga 4000:
Finnish Amiga Users Group has found a place for Jotaarkka's Amiga 4000 for restoration and will help look for new projects for it later on as well.
About Finnish Amiga Users Group
Finnish Amiga Users Group (officially Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.) is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to helping Finnish Amiga computer users by preserving and advancing the Amiga hobby and knowledge of the Amiga computing platform in Finland. The group aims to reach its goals through volunteer efforts such as maintaining a web site and discussion forum and organizing events.
*) Special thanks go to tnt23 for help in sourcing the Amiga 4000 accelerator board connectors.