Saku 2019 -valokuvaraportti / Saku 2019 Photo Report

Classic Amigas

Reading tables

SkillGrid compo


Retro Rewind and Skrolli will combine next year

The latest Amiga Future mags + oldies

Rare Mega-X magazine

New OS4 books

Classic gaming wall

Trusty A1200/030 setup

The newest TCP/IP stack

OS4 software

Pretty OS4 desktop

The latest NG OS

AmigaOne X5000

Amiga 2000 with Vampire 500 V2+

Funky coding

Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC)

OSSC worked well with A1200/060

The demo machine - A1200/060

FPGA based Minimig

Classy looking CDTV

Manuals for sale

Gentle Eye's booth

Users group's table

Gentle Eye

Boogie/Gentle Eye

New decoration to the guestbook

Unique demos

Classic computing


Worthy became an instant classic

Medal fight in SkillGrid

IBrowse 2.5 presentation

IBrowse 2.5



Skidmarks training

SkillGrid poster

Bronze match in SWOS

SWOS final

Stunt Car Racer compo

SkillGrid scores


Kuvat: Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.