Saku 99
How To Get There

Page last updated on August 20th 1999
Suomenkielinen opas

This guide has been written to help you better locate the Saku 99 venue. Following pictures illustrate in detail the route from Helsinki harbour and the central railway station to Science Centre Heureka, the exhibition place. You can skip the first two images, if you are not travelling by boat.

Helsinki harbour

If you are coming by boat, be sure to arrive in Helsinki, which is located 15 kilometers from the Saku 99 venue.

Tram stop

From Eteläsatama (Södra hamnen), which is the harbour where ships from e.g. Stockholm arrive, the easiest way to get to the Helsinki central railway station is by tram. The tram to take from the Silja Line terminal is 3T (the tram stop in the picture). Viking Line passangers should use tram number 2.

Helsinki central railway station

Leave the tram at the Helsinki central railway station (in the picture). The station has several entrances, of which two are marked with arrows here.

Train platforms

Commuter trains marked with one of the letters H, I, K, N, P, R and T travel from Helsinki to Tikkurila (Dickursby), which is where the Saku 99 venue is located.

Train doorway

If you do not buy a ticket beforehand, make sure you end up in a train compartment where tickets are sold. Such compartments are marked with appropriate stickers inside and outside the train. If you do buy a ticket beforehand, make sure you stamp it in a stamping machine when entering the train.

Tikkurila railway station

From the Tikkurila railway station, while looking towards the nearby bus station, turn left.

Sokos Hotel Vantaa

Continue past Sokos Hotel Vantaa (the white building in the picture).


After crossing the Tikkurilantie road, you arrive at this scenic bridge, which leads to the Science Centre Heureka. Cross the bridge.

Science Centre Heureka

The road leading to the main entrance of the Science Centre is surrounded by a rock exhibition.

Science Centre main entrance

Use the main entrance and then turn sharply right. Walk past the souvenir store and the coat racks.

Saku 99 exhibition place

Saku 99 is located in the back of the main lobby. Our exhibition floor includes the small lobby in the middle of the picture, an exhibition room on the left and an auditorium on the right. Welcome!

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