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Saku 2001, the biggest Amiga event in Finland and organized by the Finnish Amiga Users Group, gathered about 300 visitors around Finland on September 1st. The venue was organized completely by volunteers and it proved that there is still a dedicated following of the Amiga in Finland.

One of the highlights of Saku 2001 was the demonstration by Cloanto's Michael C. Battilana. He showed the latest JIT compiler version of Amiga Forever emulation software, which will be available as a free upgrade to all Amiga Forever users. Michael also hinted that Cloanto will soon release a completely new software to the Amiga emulation community.

AmigaDE Party Pack was demonstrated with three computers, two if which also ran the AmigaDE Player demo version, which was supplied for Saku 2001 by Amiga Inc. Other programme included an Amiga demo marathon in the auditorium, a Payback game competition, Mediator PCI demonstration and a popular Vaporware registration service. ImageFX, Aladdin 4D, Shogo and AmigaOS 3.9 were also available for testing. The event also generated interest among the media.

Finnish Amiga Users Group wishes to thank all the event contributors and visitors for joining Saku 2001 and making it a memorable event.

Download Saku 2001 material below
Fleecy's greetings to Finnish Amiga users
Saku 2001 Photo Report
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Saku 2001 IRC log
Demonstration by Cloanto's Michael C. Battilana
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Webcam animation (Aminet GermanyAminet USA, MPEG, 4,7 MB)

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Bass Cadet: Saku 2001 Theme
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Saku 2001 Theme (MP3, 128 kbps) Saku 2001 Theme (MP3, 128 kbps, 3,6 MB)

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Saku 2001 brochure (only in Finnish!)
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Saku 2001 Theme (MP3, 128 kbps) Saku 2001 brochure (72 DPI PDF, 365 kB)

Official Saku 2001 a

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