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Maanantaina, 10. marraskuuta, 2003 - klo 21.30:   
Siis developerin haastattelu osoitteessa:

uutiskynnyksen ylittänee se että on olemassa vielä de developereita jotka ei ole katkeroituneet AInc:n toimintaan

"[NCSCAUG] Could you take us through the process you went through to become an AmigaDE developer as well as your thoughts on the ease of the process and the level of support available to you from Amiga, Inc.?

[Omniscience] Well, the first step was to buy the SDK. At $99.00 (US) it was a bargain. Especially when you consider the cost involved with developing applications for Qualcomm, Appforge or Microsoft. Next I signed both the NDA and SDA agreements; again the conditions that Amiga requires you to operate under are easier for me to comply with than those of the competition. As for the development process, Amiga has published a set of standard practices in the Pipeline documentation that clearly define the process and expectations of getting your applications through the QA and approval stages.

While their resources may be very constrained, I have never been “hung-out-to-dry”. In fact, I have many times, had Fleecy’s personal involvement in helping to define and trouble shoot any problems I have encountered. Amiga has also, been instrumental in helping developers foster working relationships with one another. For instance, I am no artist by any stretch of the imagination, but Amiga guided me to an excellent graphic artist named Andy Hall. You will see some of his handy work in the upcoming release of Lexical IQ - Personal Edition and Lexical IQ - Smartphone Edition."



Tiistaina, 11. marraskuuta, 2003 - klo 12.14:   
>Uutiskynnyksen ylittänee se että on olemassa vielä de developereita jotka ei ole katkeroituneet AInc:n toimintaan



Tiistaina, 11. marraskuuta, 2003 - klo 12.24:   
Oheinen on forumeilta pöllittyä.
Ja FYI: Johan Rasten on entinen aktiivinen AmigaDE puolestapuhuja ... koettanut meikäläistäkin rekrytoida aikoinaan...

From: gabrielh To: Johan Rasten Date: September 30 07:13 Replies: 1
All I can say, as one of the developers developing for the Amiga DE, is that there are definitely more releases planned. Stay tuned :-)

From: Johan Rasten To: gabrielh Date: September 30 16:04 Replies: 1
ooh.. you know if there's still any life in the #developer chan? How's go for goal goin?

From: gabrielh To: Johan Rasten Date: October 01 08:23 Replies: 1
It kinda goes up and down in #developer. Sometimes there's a flurry of discussion, other times it's just quiet, but still the usual suspects hang out there - several guys from Amiga, and then several other SDA developers.

Regarding Go for Goal, it's "close" to finished, but we're unsure what to do about sound, if we should wait for intent2. Main thing left to do is the AI routines, and rewriting some of the gfx code to be resolution independent.

From: Johan Rasten To: gabrielh Date: October 02 08:15 Replies: 1
Um, I've kinda lost the address to the server where #developer is (numerous re-installs of windoze and xchat).. do you have it?

also, do you know if any info on intent2 has been released? I've only seen the announcement sofar. I really hope they're adding some features to make it more usable as a desktop os (like memory management, hardware gfx acceleration and multiuserism), because that'd kick ass :D

From: gabrielh To: Johan Rasten Date: October 02 11:06 Replies: 1
There are a few servers that host #developer - or are the 2 I use. I think there's another, but can't recall what it is offhand.

Regarding intent2, yes, some info has been released to some people (at least, I'm aware of some things that are coming with it). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised in some areas, and disappointed in others. But, it's progressing.

From: Johan Rasten To: gabrielh Date: October 02 15:31 Replies: 1
Hmm.. I'll see if I can find something more about it. Maybe I don't have to write an own platform independent OS :D


Tiistaina, 11. marraskuuta, 2003 - klo 12.25:   
Muuten, intent-sharp listalta tulee meili kerran puolessa vuodessa. Ja siitäkin puolet on spämmiä.

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