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Rekisteröity: 10-2009
Torstaina, 19. elokuuta, 2010 - klo 15.09:   
Muutokset edelliseen versioon:

- Updated to OWB r1468. To be noted OWB doesn't seem to be actively developped
since May, so I'll merge directly against WebKit, from now on.
- Updated to WebKit r63894 (July 2010).
- Updated to CURL 7.21.0
- Interrupt a pending DNS thread immediately when a connection handle is being disposed.
- Reduced the amount of Exec signals allocated for DNS resolution threads
(one for all threads, instead of one per thread).
- Added OWB_CURL_FORBID_REUSE ENV var to disable CURL connection re-use feature
(this feature sometimes causes stalled connections, for a yet unknown reason).
- MediaPlayer:
- Changed native controls skin and behaviour to look like Chrome's mediaplayer.
- Added optional support for VP8/WEBM codec (Settings->Media section).
- Added optional support for fast seeking (consists in creating a new connection
instead of downloading everything before the target position). It can be disabled
in Settings->Media section.
- Made the H264 loopfilter mode configurable in Settings->Media section
- Enabled altivec in ffmpeg (except for Theora, since it's currently broken).
- Disabled ffmpeg FAST flag for decoding, since it could give ugly results
on some files.
- Added play/pause/mute/unmute/download media/copy media URL contextmenu
entries for HTML Media elements.
- Defer audio hardware allocation until play event, and release it at the
end of stream instead of waiting until media player destruction, to help
a bit with people not using device.audio AHI mode. WebKit can indeed cache
mediaplayer instances until tab destruction, so there are situations where audio
wouldn't be available anymore.
- Fixed a strange cookie path restriction in OWB cookie handling, which makes
wordpress.com login work.
- Fixed youtube.js to work with Youtube latest changes, and made MPEG4 the
default format (fmt=18), instead of FLV, since it's faster and better supported.
- Added per-tab options in settings menu for plugins, images, javascript and user-agent.
- Reworked the refresh method to use several rectangles, when it's more efficient to do so.
- Modified the scrolling implementation to behave correctly with the WebKit recent
optimizations regarding fixed elements. It also fixes some occasional glitch in custom
scrollers rendering.
- Disabled WebKit box-shadow effect rendering, since it was extremely slow with cairo.
This "cures" abnormal slowness on sites like apple.com/html5 or ign.com.
- Added a "remaining time" column in download manager.
- Added Amiga + z and Amiga + shift + z qualifier for undo/redo.
- Added Shift + Space shortcut as "page up" function.
- Added a search string in bookmark and cookies window.
- "Add bookmark" button now adds bookmarks below the currently selected node, or at
the end of the current group list, if a group node is selected.
If no entry is selected, the new link is still added to the end, like before.
- Allow to scroll in bookmark tree when dragging an entry over upper or lower areas
of the listtree object.
- Added a persistant "show in menu" option in the bookmark title selection window
(this window appears when dropping a link on quicklinks group or "add bookmark" button).
- Added a special favicon for bookmarks/quicklinks with "javascript:" scheme.
- Added a contextmenu to copy an entry URL in password manager.
- Character '&' wasn't processed properly in search engine string.
- Truncate history/bookmark to 64 characters in pulldown menu.
- Moved WebInspector ENV var option to a regular setting in Prefs->Content section.
- Added an option to enable/disable plugins globally in Prefs->Content section.
- Create a new tab/window when selecting an entry in "recently closed views" menu.
- Added user-agents for Chrome, Iphone and Ipad (spoofing as IPad can help showing
some sites with HTML5 Video/Audio instead of Flash).
- Added OWB_NO_STATIC_BACKGROUND ENV variable to ignore background "fixed" CSS
attribute, which improves scrolling performance.
- Added notes about Youtube and the specific settings to make it work
in HTML5 or at least without Flash using the builtin player. So *please*
read the Youtube section of this document if you have trouble playing
Youtube videos.

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